More and more people acknowledge the importance of "HEART" in business but we often misunderstand what this really means. Therefore the potential of the "HEART" remains underutilized in many organizations. The following video is a summary of the research I have done over the last year. It serves to put some meat on this broad and fuzzy topic. My hope is that it opens a conversation on how more "HEART" can concretely benefit your organization. Thank you for taking a couple of mins of your time to watch this short but important film.

Exploring the role of the Heart in creating a world that works.

A scientific perspective on Heart intelligence
The Heart is calling us to step into the unknown and create new stories for ourselves and our organizations.
A practical example of accessing the Heart and noticing what changes
Exploring the importance of Heart from a mystical perspective
Reflections on keys to success from a retired CEO.
The reality of today's financial world is slowly changing.