We make a difference within organizations because we have an ecosystem of passionate, talented individuals who pool their strengths in complementing ways. We continue to welcome exceptional individuals who are bound together with a common passion for unlocking HUMAN POTENTIAL.

We are continuously looking to add the following roles to our family;

Human Potential Assessment Coach

  • Perhaps you are a change agent within an organization who needs to prove the effectiveness of your alternative ideas. You are passionate about creating a more meaningful and inspiring work environment but you’re not sure which levers to pull and how to measure the impact of your interventions.
  • Perhaps you are a coach or consultant who has taken a stand for greater Human Potential realization. When your clients are open to grow in this way, the results speak for themselves but sometimes those who need your services the most are reluctant to engage. They don’t necessarily see the benefit, and if they do, they require a clear roadmap on how to get there.


Does this resonate with your work? Would you like to support your clients or organization in this way? Then maybe you will consider enrolling in our 4-week on-line Human Potential Certification program. In this course you will learn how to administer the tool, interpret the findings and help your clients engage in transformational conversations.

Human Potential Assessment Analyst

  • Comfort with numbers and analysis
  • Deep understanding of organizations and how they work
  • Know how to translate research findings into key insights
  • Be able to present the findings and insights into accessible reports

Being Coach

  • Must be certified
  • Must be a business coach
  • Have a passion for coaching at the whole-person level
  • Participation in Being Leader Retreat