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Mark Vandeneijnde

As an experienced Market Researcher (previously 10 years with Proctor & Gamble) and ICF Certified Coach Mark specializes in helping businesses reconnect with the essence / the heart of their organization. Through stakeholder interviews, deep analysis and insightful observation he helps bring to the surface the many hidden assets and inspirational stories that often lie dormant in organizations. It’s in giving life to these stories that he is able to help companies rebuild a solid foundation for their culture and bring more heart back into business.

Mark has also conducted extensive research on the topic of “Heart” in business and created a short film to help business leaders better understand what it means and how it can concretely benefit their organizations. He is often invited to speak about his research and consult companies in this area.

Sujith Ravindran

Outside the corporate arena, Sujith has been involved in a number of start-ups, where he created breakthrough business models in the areas of medical solutions, fitness and health, e-commerce and service brokerage.

As a coach Sujith supports managers and organizational leaders in discovering their life purpose and operating from their truest inner self. He believes this is the key to bring simplicity, focus and meaning in an overwhelmingly complex world

Sujith is also an author and public speaker in the field of Personal Development. In his coaching, he combines his scholarship in the ancient Indian spiritual sciences with his deep interest and background in Developmental Psychology. He loves traveling and has lived in different parts of the world. He sees traveling as a pathway of understanding others and expanding his self-realization.


Peter Leong - Being at Full Potential New Zealand

Peter is a practicing management consultant specializing in Strategy Development and Execution based in New Zealand. In his work, Peter realized that strategy execution is, in the end, only as good as the depth of the ‘inner’ quality or potentialities of the people in the organization. If only we have a technology (tool) to leverage and realize the inner potentialities of people, individually and collectively, surely this is the way to re-energize the entire strategy execution process in achieving breakthroughs in value creation and bottom line results? Peter found his answer in the Human Potential Assessment Tool and System.

Peter’s mission today is to support and equip all kinds of organizational leaders in NZ to measure, discover and harness the untapped human potential of people where the true value creation advantage lies in any strategy execution process.

For New Zealand based projects, please contact Peter directly: