Summit for Human Potential Realization

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Summit for Human Potential Realization

1. Who is it for?

This summit is designed for change-makers working in, or alongside, businesses, NGO’s and political organizations to help these organizations fully realize their potential. The change-makers may come from different walks of life. Some may be embedded within the organizations they aspire to change (from HR, Diversity Management, Sustainability or even the business lines) while others may be working “from the outside” to help organizations fulfill their immense potential at a bottom-line level and/or societal level (such as coaches, social activists and conscious consumer groups). All participants are bound together by a common belief that the key success factor to meaningful change is a greater focus on our individual, and collective, Human Potential.

2. Background:

We are in the midst of a profound societal transformation. The old paradigm of value creation is quickly becoming obsolete, yet the new one is still somewhat elusive. Some of us can sense the emerging opportunities and feel called to respond. Perhaps we are making more conscious decisions at the supermarket, opting for products that we trust (even if they cost a bit more) and saying “no” to those that conflict with our values.  Maybe we are actively speaking out and taking a stand for the environment and for perishable resources

As change-makers we are growing in our understanding of who we are and how we can uniquely contribute in the world. We are discovering the courage and power within us to remain aligned despite the pressures to conform, and we are realizing that for real change to happen, we must support adversaries to become allies and offer the necessary resources to all stakeholders to find ways to co-create beyond the imaginary boundaries of organizations & principles. In other words, we are all on a journey to realize greater levels of our individual and collective Human Potential. This is what we have in common and this is what we want to foster during the two and a half days together at the summit.

3. Purpose of the summit:

1. Explore the HUMAN POTENTIAL METHODOLOGY as the next wave of OD (Organization Development)

2. Co-create an implementation-ready roadmap for expanding awareness, inspiration and inventiveness among employees, as a pathway to organizational breakthroughs


4. What to expect?

5. Ready to sign up?