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Business Coaching

Heart in Business, Mark Vandeneijnde

This story unfolds as a dialogue between two unlikely partners (Business & Heart). I was curious what would happen when we bring these voices together and create a space for them to interact.

Personal Development

Masculinity – Man’s Inner Essence, Sujith Ravindran

The Mature Masculine is the embodiment of man’s highest ideal, the essence of Shiva that lies within all men. This ideal is not a faraway concept, witnessed in history books or epics, out of reach to the men of today; rather it is that which is innate to every man, rearing its head everyday in tiny ways, glimpsing the light for moments each day.


The BEING Leader: Tracing the “Inner Path” of legendary leaders, Sujith Ravindran

On a quest to find the qualities that made leaders legendary, Sujith came across the inner path of the four legendary leaders portrayed in this book; Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, M. K. Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln.