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 We believe shifts in mindsets is what drives progress & innovation. This is why we relentlessly challenge existing beliefs about success, performance, happiness and many other constructs that are limiting our ability to bring about meaningful change.

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Inner Development Goals

Inner Development Goals: To measure or not to measure?

The dilemma:   In our quest to drive adoption of Inner Development Goals in organizations, there exists a paradox that lies at the heart of our efforts: On the one hand, IDGs exist to focus organizational attention on deeper human qualities such as compassion, creativity, and resilience. By embracing these goals, organizations can tap into a reservoir of unrealized potential, inspire their workforce, and elevate the impact of human contribution in a world of accelerating AI &...

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Thought Leadership

Improving Employee Experience through Workplace Actualization

HR leaders are increasingly talking about the importance of Employee Experience as the key to organizational breakthroughs. According to a recent Gartner study, it is the 3rd priority after Leader & Manager Effectiveness and Change Readiness. Placing the employee’s wellbeing at the center has led to an explosion of health programs, equity & inclusion initiatives, […]

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Is our approach to Human Potential Development scientifically validated?

As more and more people are starting to realize that Inner Development & growth is a pre-requisite to achieving the change we want to see in the outside world (for example Sustainable Development Goals), our work at BEING at Full Potential is becoming increasingly relevant but also more closely scrutinized. The following article was written in response […]

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  • Human Potential Coach Certification Training

    Event Date & Time: 2024-08-27 | 06:00

    BECOME A CERTIFIED HUMAN POTENTIAL COACH AND SUPPORT LEADERS TO WORK AND THRIVE FROM THEIR FULL POTENTIAL We invite all change agents, coaches & intrapreneurs to join us on this journey, where you will learn about the tools, frameworks, and assessments that have consistently proven to open up transformational conversations with both individuals and organizations. […]

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