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 We relentlessly explore the edge of human awareness & organizational practices, pioneer new frameworks and approaches that enable the ‘being’, quantify the unquantifiable, bring this science into the mainstream and make it our new collective, lived reality.

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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

6 Organizational Performance Metrics brought to life

As a business leader, you are no doubt very focused on impacting the 6 Organizational Performance Metrics at the top of the iceberg below. But when is the last time you paused to consider the "underlying assumptions", or the deeper human qualities that are influencing the way you show up with your colleagues and the teams you work with? Ask yourself - do you come from a place of trust or control? Is your thinking based on a long term roadmap or short term pressure? Are you inspired by a set of...

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Thought Leadership

Creating transformational spaces within the business context – 5 Lessons

More than ever the time is ripe to bring greater focus to the deeper human drivers of performance and create the conditions for the Human Spirit to come back alive in the work context. The Human Potential Assessment Tool and the accompanying Discovery workshops are proving to be very powerful enablers of organizational transformation. The following […]

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3 impactful ways to develop human potential for disruptive innovation

Most marketeers agree that a genuine insight into their customer can unlock disruptive innovation and infuse new life into their brands. It’s no surprise therefore that vast amounts of money are being spent to unveil these precious truths that have the ability to make your customer feel fully seen and understood, in ways that even […]

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