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I work with leaders


Learn to administer the human potential assessment in the professional context, help your clients interpret the findings and translate them into a highly customized development plan. Although the course is designed for human potential work at an INDIVIDUAL (1 to 1) level you will also learn to use the frameworks to scale the conversation to an organizational level.

I work with organizations


This training builds on the “I work with leaders” program, giving you the tools to support organizations on their journey towards a conscious culture. You will learn to work with the deeper human change levers to enable performance breakthroughs in employee engagement, innovation, trustworthiness, and ultimately the multiple bottom lines.

I work with teams


The full potential team training equips you as a coach & facilitator to support teams in unleashing their FULL human potential in service of a common goal. You will learn how to combine powerful facilitation techniques with the human potential data to anchor the 5 essential team measures and use them to open up transformational conversations  and promote seamless collaborations.


The world is VUCA – Do we compete with it or collaborate with it?

A few weeks ago, I was catching up with some old colleagues from my Market Research days. As we were sharing stories, I was reminded of the brilliant minds I used to work with. Market Researchers are naturally drawn to asking lots of questions, understanding why things are the way they are and applying their […]

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5 stages of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consciousness

A unifying approach to Diversity Equity and Inclusion Two-thirds of the 10,000 leaders surveyed as part of Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report cited diversity equity and inclusion as “important” or “very important” to business. However, it is also a very broad area that can be understood and brought to life in many different […]

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Creating Conscious Culture – Part 1

Have you ever wondered…What makes a great organizational culture? How culture impacts and influences organizational performance? Why so many attempts to create great cultures fail? What we can do to approach culture change in a more sustainable way? Our partner in New Zealand, Peter Leong, has been passionately researching these questions over the last couple […]

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  • Human Potential Coach Certification Training

    Event Date & Time: 2024-08-27 | 06:00

    BECOME A CERTIFIED HUMAN POTENTIAL COACH AND SUPPORT LEADERS TO WORK AND THRIVE FROM THEIR FULL POTENTIAL We invite all change agents, coaches & intrapreneurs to join us on this journey, where you will learn about the tools, frameworks, and assessments that have consistently proven to open up transformational conversations with both individuals and organizations. […]

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