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Become a Human Potential team expert and facilitator, and help teams work and thrive from their FULL POTENTIAL. 

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The joy coming from expressing our Human Potential should be accessible to everyone.

When the BEING comes alive, the DOING thrives.

What is the next frontier in leadership? What is the next value creation paradigm in organizations? How can society face the challenges ahead? We believe the answer lies in the unlocking of HUMAN POTENTIAL.

6-week online Human Potential Certification Training for Individuals

Bringing more objectivity to Transformational Coaching

Curious what it means to bring more HEART into Business?

This short film explores the topic in depth and offers breakthrough insights on the next steps we are being called to take in organizations.


Every Human,

BEING at Full Potential

BEING at Full Potential is a global assessment, training and coaching organization committed to unlocking HUMAN POTENTIAL by bringing the attention back to the essence of  WHO WE ARE and WHY WE ARE HERE. Our global community of 130+ trained and certified coaches and consultants help bring this vision to life.

We bring into the world an array of tools, frameworks and methodologies that put our incredible HUMAN POTENTIAL at the center, in order to enable breakthroughs at all levels of society: individuals, teams, communities, organizations and even nations.


Human Potential Stories

Relentlessly questioning the status quo. A collection of stories from the edges of human awareness and organizational practices to bring this science into the mainstream and make it our new collective lived reality.

The business case for BEING

Clients and prospects, rightfully, will always ask the question: “how does an investment in the “BEING” impact the performance of my organization”? I have often wished there was an easy way to answer this. I have tried using the C.A.R (context, action, result) model but it never really seemed to fit. The BEING work we […]

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A compelling business case for Human Potential Realisation

In this case study you will discover how a London-based supermarket, Thornton’s Budgens, took significant steps to realise more of the Human Potential of its organisation and as a result created a breakthrough in business performance. You will also learn that these kinds of subjective human-centric interventions can be measured, analysed and re-applied in different […]

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THE FOUR LEVERS FOR SHIFTING MINDSET: Why Diversity is Important and How to Use the Four Levers to Build Diversity

Diversity is a social and natural imperative for any organization. It is the law of nature. Any entity that does not reflect the diversity of the ecosystem it exists within will become replaced by another that better matches the diversity of the larger system. It is through embracing diversity that microcosms embrace the intelligence of […]

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We Believe Every Person Is Gifted With Abundant Potential


Our approach to Human Potential realization aspires to elevate our state of BEING.

We believe every person is gifted with abundant potential. However, the extent to which this is realized in one’s day to day life can vary significantly.

Some people are in tune with their greatest potential and have found ways to integrate it into their lives. This not only brings them enormous fulfillment but it is also the most effective way to have impact and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Our unique Human Potential Assessment Tool delivers breakthrough insights for:


Our Specialties

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People & Events

An invitation to play together. Like all islands connect to the same earth, we know that there is one humanness that binds all of us together. Meet some of our HUMAN POTENTIAL experts and discover how they can help you on your growth journey.

Vanessa Jane Smith



”Vanessa is a deeply resourceful person. She listens intensely to people telling their story. She uses her art to draw out the underlying images and understandings in the individual or group she is working with. “Read more…

Fabio Salvadori



“Fabio is a good listener and makes me comfortable to share experiences with him. He is skilled at posing questions that bring awareness. Fabio is a caring coach who has helped me with the journey of achievement to reach the ideal me.” Read more…

Annelieke Verkerk



Annelieke has a keen eye for human potential and the potential of organisations. She has the gift of touching the essential through deep and intelligent listening… Read more…

Upcoming Events

  • Full Potential Team Facilitation Training – November 23rd to 27th, 2020

    Event Date & Time: 2020-11-23 | 10:00

    BECOME A HUMAN POTENTIAL TEAM EXPERT AND FACILITATOR, AND HELP TEAMS WORK AND THRIVE FROM THEIR FULL POTENTIAL “Bringing a TEAM and its members to unfold their FULL POTENTIAL is a key success factor in any organization, small or big. It is also a challenge. How a team functions has a direct impact on individual […]

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Academy & Resources

A virtual house that encompasses all our training and certification courses and activities that are aimed at furthering HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION on all levels and in all environments. Here are some inspiring articles to get you started.

Evolving and Elevating Leadership Consciousness

Context The Consciousness which perceives the world is one with the Reality of the world. Consciousness and reality are one.[1] We construct our own reality – everything in our world is self created.[2] Timeless leaders free the confines of their consciousness and rediscover its identity with reality to liberate the human potential that lies with […]

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OD work is in breakdown…HUMAN POTENTIAL realization is the next breakthrough

The purpose of this article is to, Shed light on why employee engagement is at an all-time low despite record amounts of money being spent on OD (Organization Development) Offer a concrete alternative to the status quo (unleashing greater levels of Human Potential realization), and Open up a conversation on how to further engage organizations […]

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THE UN-SUSTAINABILITY OF SUSTAINABILITY DEPARTMENTS – An invitation to redefine the role of change-agents and game-changers within organizations

I’ve been reflecting on the meaning and purpose of sustainability departments and have come to the conclusion that there is a great opportunity to evolve – and step-change – the role it plays in the organizational context. In business we come across several different definitions of sustainability, ranging from: “minimizing the negative harm on the global […]

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What They Say About Our Work

The Human Potential Assessment is a well-researched and holistic tool that reflects his author’s deep expertise in human psychology and teamwork effectiveness insights”

Virginie Helias

Vice President, Procter & Gamble

What a magical experience last week with our team. I would love to discover and see how the work within the team could be continued. 

Michael Dawkins

Programme Director, SingularityU

We as Omega truly are inspired by your intent and we are experiencing a true partnership. We are really proud to have partnered with you.

Saravanavasan KS

Senior Director Human Resources, Omega Healthcare Management Services

I knew your process would be different than other ways to plan forward, but I failed to comprehend its power for pulling out new insights. Andreas Schurek

Managing Director

TNS Switzerland

Today was a symbolic day in our journey of applying the Organizational Human Potential Assessment with our client: We finally registered more than 600 answers, which was the goal established by contract…THANK YOU very much for supporting the Team that will be delivering the B@FP debriefs with the client during the next weeks and months. I very much appreciated your sense of warmth, openness and continuous training and improvement.

Rodrigo Martinez-Romero

Coordinator for the Institute for Centered Growth, Mexico

I admit to having been sceptical at first about the process and the likely benefits it (the Human Potential Assessment) would bring but I’m fully converted into believing that I can bring about significant improvements to the way we work in our Islington store and put us in a good place for taking on any new projects in the future.

Paul Gardner

Owner, Budgens supermarket, London

The HP Assessment Tool is not just another HR, leadership or personal growth tool. It is a gateway to new possibilities, that are bedded in the essence of who we are and could be. It touches those deep and delicate places in us, our cultures and organizations, that foster the strength to create bold and transformational changes.

Training participant

Human Potential Certification Training

I am SO impressed with the HP instrument to stimulate powerful conversations! Simply opening up questions about a few dimensions on the instrument and inviting inquiry into the intersections revealed by it led to a GREAT conversation! I am really looking forward to future use with my clients.

Training participant

Human Potential Certification Training

Standards of Being


We trust in the resourcefulness of each person, and we accept others’ truth as perfect for them. We are not prone to control, because we know that everyone is on a unique and perfect journey. Whenever the energy is heavy or not flowing, rather than push through, we pause to listen & sense into the wisdom of the moment.

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