Dear B@FP Community

You’re all warmly invited to join us on the monthly BEING CIRCLES Zoom Calls.


Co-facilitated by Marie-Josee Smulders, B@FP Coach, Leader and Elder, and Belinda Hayes (B@FP Coach), the intention of these calls is to provide a safe and sacred space for the Being at Full Potential Community (and friends) to simply BE with each other in conversation.

It is the intention that THE BEING CIRCLE be a space of non-judgment (of self, or others), a time to be vulnerable, to share that which is present in the moment, and to witness and be witnessed.

Simple and informal, each call will invite inquiry from one of ‘The 8 Being Attitudes’ book by Marie- Josee Smulders:

  1. Fierce Authenticity
  2. Live in a State of Inquiry
  3. Relentless Experimentation and Play
  4. Harness My Intuition
  5. Being Abundant – Let Another Shine
  6. Altering Our Relationship to Adversity
  7. Being in Service – Committing to a Higher Call
  8. Synchronising Individual and Collective Purpose


These calls will be an opportunity to reflect on our BEINGness, of what is present for us each as individuals and as a community. It is our intention to create a safe and supportive space to be curious and explore the present moment as it is true for us.

Being in conversation with others from our community will allow us each of us to clarify and share our unique gifts and mission and thereby perhaps inform our DOING from a new place.


Call dates: The second Friday of every month


  • Europe (Paris): 5pm CET
  • Mexico (Mexico City): 10am
  • India (Mumbai): 9:30pm
  • USA (New York): 11am
  • USA (Los Angeles): 8am
  • Australia (Sydney): 5am

(Meeting together physically to connect to the call is a great opportunity for those located in the same region)

Zoom Link:

Our first call: 10th of January 2020 “Being in Service – Committing to a Higher Call” – an opportunity to reflect on intentions for the year

No preparation required. Please, come as you are. You are welcome.


Ask Belinda  –


Marie-Josee Smulders

In 2019 I had the experiences of connecting with a lot of beautiful souls by Skype, Zoom, and Whatsapp and I feel blessed with so many sharings in vulnerability.

For us all, the opportunity to share in a safe space, with deep-listening, allowed us to feel held in a sacred space. It was a huge opportunity to grow in our consciousness, in our personal life and to connect with others at the level of the heart.

These experiences brought us to the dream, this idea…

  • What if we all could have those calls in a regular basis?
  • How could our journey unfold more into the light and love we are at our essence?
  • How could we fly more in freedom if we knew that there is a defined space where we can share where we are without any obligations or expectations?

Our desire for next year is to make this possible.

This year I wrote a book about leadership and the ‘8 Being Attitudes’. I believe the themes are universal. Our proposal is to offer a simple structure and invite conversations around these attitudes, remaining open and curious about how to be and live more authentically and meaningfully. We invite you to feel free to experience what is serving you in your own personal life and for the greater good.

Belinda Hayes PhD

As I pause to reflect on what to write here, I hear Marie-Josee encouraging me to ‘Take the Eagle view’. I realise how critical attending the Being at Full Potential training in Mumbai, India in February 2017 has been to who I am now. The people and the ideas I met there continue to influence me, in my being and my doing. I know the B@FP Community to be made up of uniquely gifted individuals called to a shared mission. I am hungry to learn more about you, to hear your stories and feel your presence.

One enduring connection with from that time in India has been the regular calls with three sisters of my B@FP sister. Our fortnightly conversations have connected me with myself, and with the collective, in ways I cannot express. I hold deep gratitude for this experience and wish others a similar opportunity of being held in compassionate, heart centered connection.

My years as a teacher and leader has taught me the importance of the naming of important things, and for making time, scheduling time, for them, hence this somewhat formal invitation to connect (at least) once a month.

I wonder what is possible when we collectively, intentionally, commit to exploring our BEing? How might that inform our DOing?

If not us, who? If not now, when?