As a “Being at Full Potential” coach I have come to really treasure the possibilities that the so called “house” within the assessment report offers for the coach, the coachee and the coaching itself.

No matter what we build, we need a solid foundation. Even a tree has roots as well as a tree trunk. A house without a solid foundation won’t last long.

A thin tree trunk with a big heavy crown will sooner or later bend and most likely eventually break if the crown becomes to heavy.

As human beings we certainly need grounding in our lives. On a physical level it means we feel the ground under our feet and also we seek to feel secure in our lives on different levels; enough financial security, a home and certainly people that support us.

For me the Being At Full Potential ‘House’ represents that foundation.

Through a coaching session, no matter whether we are at the start of a coaching career or an experienced coach, the house can certainly be and is a great support to start the debrief of the report, the coaching process as well as an entry door into a much deeper space.

One of the great features of the different dimensions and being states are the definitions of the dimension and states.

For a start we can use this as a common definition for the coach and the coachee to discuss a dimension and use it to support questions, dig deeper and harness the answers.

It can assist us in creating a new awareness for the coachee. How do we define the dimension “humility”? Can the coachee connect with that definition? What if the coachee rejects that definition? Can that open the door to enquire on deeper levels why there is no resonance with that definition? Does it give us as the coach an opportunity to dig deeper whilst allowing the coachee to keep reflecting?

There might be moments during a coaching session when the coachee goes off track, goes into resistance or we as Coach feel we are hitting a wall. This is where the house and the definitions can come in very handy. We go back to base (BTB).

It can function as an anchor, give structure and simply be the solid foundation to return to. This can give a feeling of security to the Coach, especially, when new to coaching, but also to the coachee. It certainly can also be seen as one of the “best practices” for ‘Being At Full Potential’ Coaches. No matter how a coaching session is unfolding, we can go back to base, back to the house.

When setting action plans with the coachee the different dimension can also be included. The house really gives the possibility to also be used a bit like a manual. Even though that might sound a bit static and limiting it can assist in anchoring the different dimensions.

As Being At Full Potential coaches we need to embody those dimensions and states to lead by example. We are human, we get triggered and maybe certain dimensions will be un- or under-expressed at times or in certain moments in our lives. Yet, it is crucial for ‘being leaders’ in the new paradigm to lead by example so that we continuously reassess our actions, behaviours and triggers based on the dimensions.

I would almost dare to say we could spend a lifetime digging into the different dimensions and states and we will continuously find something to dig up. It could be a treasure or maybe a hidden trauma. It is up to us to use Self-Leadership as well as self-compassion to decide how, with whom and when we want to approach our own process.

Embodied leadership however is an important key when showing up as a Being leader in the new paradigm. When we struggle with embodying the Being leader then the house can be a simple tool to assist us to ground, reflect and stay curious regarding how we got off track in the first place. So the invitation for challenging moments in our personal lives and throughout the coaching session is: back to base! Or simply BTB!