Discover the Human Potential APP

Research shows that happier employees do better work.

However, we know lasting happiness cannot be sourced externally (for example through a promotion, pay raise, a new relationship, nice clothes etc…). We also know that there are limits to the fulfillment that healthy living and eating, or exercise, can bring into our lives.

Could it be that true happiness is easier to achieve than we think? What if it simply comes down to the choices we make on how we are showing up in a given situation?

For example, if I am experiencing tension with a colleague or friend, I can choose to respond to it with arguments and frustration, or with curiosity and compassion. On the one hand, the grief will likely further escalate and on the other we might get to know and understand each other better. The situation is the same but, depending on how I show up, the outcome will be very different.

The Human Potential APP is a practical guide that measures and helps you better understand the different dimensions of your Being. This “map of Being” offers inspiring resources and playful exercises to put these life-affirming attitudes into practice in all aspects of your life. In this way you can deliberately choose to show up in ways that consistently create the conditions for joy, happiness, meaning and fulfillment to be expressed in your life. In this way, both you and the business will thrive!

Upon downloading the APP you will be invited to complete a psychometric survey of 83 questions in order to unlock your personalized map of Being. This will be your portal into a fun, profound, yet very practical self development journey.

Objectives of the APP:

  1. Make personal development a fun, engaging and integrated part of the daily work / life activities. Through the APP experience, personal development becomes a new ritual, part of a daily practice that everyone can do in their own time.
  2. Make human potential development more cost effective and accessible to ALL people – not just those who can afford a coach
  3. Track and monitor on an on-going basis the impact that the APP interventions are having on your level of inner happiness and fulfillment.

Specifically, you can expect the following user experience:

  1. After downloading the APP, you will complete the full HP assessment (83 questions). This will unlock your baseline Human Potential profile (ie: the Human Potential “House” with its scores on all 23 dimensions).
  2. Based on your scores and development interests, you will choose one of the 23 dimensions of the house to work on.
  3. By clicking through on one of the DIMENSIONS of the HOUSE you will be prompted with a number of challenges / exercises that will help you grow in that specific area. As you experiment with them in your work / life context you will notice the positive impact it is having on the people around you. Your observations can then be fed back into the APP where you will also be able to keep track of your progress in your chosen development areas.
  4. After each exercise, you will be prompted to retake the portion of the survey relating to that dimension in order to get real-time feedback on the progress you have made.
  5. Within the APP you will also receive the following resources: video tutorials and acclaimed articles/videos on personal development. The video tutorials help you understand drivers of happiness and human potential.