Start date: 2021-06-02 - End date: 2021-06-08

Time: 10:00

Location: Online - Global

Become a Human Potential Team Coach, and help teams work and thrive from their full potential.

“Bringing a TEAM and its members to unfold their FULL POTENTIAL is a key success factor in any organization, small or big. It is also a challenge. How a team functions has a direct impact on individual and collective performance, motivation, creativity, well-being, resilience and so much more. In these ever changing times there is an increasing need to foster a Full Potential team culture that supports accessing and harnessing the Human Potential of the team as a whole“

  •  Are you a coach, trainer, consultant or HR professional interested in expanding your expertise and effectiveness in TEAM development and supporting its team members to bring the best of themselves to work?
  • Are you interested in a “DOOR OPENER” and proven method to transform your clients team performance and bring the inherent FULL POTENTIAL of any team to life?
  • Would you like to gain confidence and full proficiency in CREATING and FACILITATING team development road maps and programs with transformational impact?

This training offers the unique opportunity to become CERTIFIED in both the Human Potential Team and Individual Assessments. Together with an in depth experience of our unique Facilitation Methodology this will equip you with what you need to best serve your Team clients.

  • The HP TEAM ASSESSMENT measures the 5 mindsets that characterize a FULL POTENTIAL TEAM
  • The HP INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT measures the untapped Human Potential of an individual according to 4 BEING States and 23 Dimensions. Together these cover the essential aspects of our inherent Human Potential.



At the end of the 5 days’ training:

  1. you will have acquired a comprehensive assessment and training package to powerfully support your (prospective) Team clients on a team and individual Being level;
  2. you will have learned how to debrief and work with the data of the Team assessment and the Individual assessment;
  3. you will have a deep understanding of the 5 Full Potential TEAM measures, know how to design the flow of a Human Potential Team DISCOVERY workshop and facilitate powerful conversations;
  4. you will have discovered your unique style of creating a BEING space;
  5. you will have acquired concrete formats, tools, exercises and practices to tailor your interventions to your clients’ needs


Why the FULL POTENTIAL TEAM FACILITATION TRAINING might benefit you and your clients:

  1. The team is the molecular unit where employees work together around a common task, where innovative ideas are conceived and tested, and where bottom-line results are achieved. It is also the space where unclear group goals, ineffective ways of working and interpersonal issues can cause friction and hinder productivity. In this ever changing and uncertain world, growing from a moderately effective team into a FULL Potential team will be key for any team in delivering value to its customers and maintaining its cutting edge.
  2. To accompany a team on a collective journey to access more of their Full Team potential, requires a deep insight in what it takes for a team to grow from average/good to great. We will create a BEING space in which we will immerse ourselves in the 5 Full Potential Team measures and other frameworks, learn from real case studies and work experientially with the individual and team data. Prior to the training all participants will be invited to experience the Human Potential TEAM and Individual Assessment Tools online.


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