Start date: 2023-12-01 - End date: 2025-12-31

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According to a recent Gartner research, only 13% of employees are fully satisfied with their employment experience! Don’t expect this to change unless we significantly rethink our approach to “Employees” and what it takes to have a positive experience at work. The next frontier invites us into a place where employees discover pathways to self-actualization through their work and take greater responsibility for the experience they have with the organization. This program will make your experience of work a HUMAN one rather than one of an EMPLOYEE.

What you will learn:

  • Gain more control over how you internalize and interpret the ever changing organizational dynamics
  • Develop the capacity to take a step back from challenging situations and then respond from a deeper place of listening, compassion, curiosity
  • Shift from being the “victim” of an unpleasant work relationship to being the conscious creator who is making the most of an unpleasant situation
  • Experience a shift in the quality of your relationships and increased sense of meaning in your life

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