Individual Human Potential Training

Become a Human Potential Certified Coach.


Become a Human Potential Certified Coach

Who is the certification program for?

  • Change agents within organizations who believe accessing greater levels of Human potential is the key to creating a more meaningful and inspiring work environment. You are looking for a robust way to identify the levers for human potential realization and measure the impact of your interventions.
  • Coaches and consultants who want / need to bring more rigor and action ability into the deep Human Potential work they do with their clients.

What will I be able to do (and not do) at the end of the training?

At the end of this 6-week online training you will be equipped to administer the tool, help your clients interpret the findings and translate them into a highly customized development plan. The course is designed for Human Potential work at an INDIVIDUAL (1 to 1) level. It is also a pre-requisite for our partners who wish to bring this work into organizations. For this we have developed an additional 5 day in person training which we offer 2 times / year.

Testimonials from past participants

The HP Assessment Tool is not just another HR, leadership or personal growth tool. It is a gateway to new possibilities, that are bedded in the essence of who we are and could be. It touches those deep and delicate places in us, our cultures and organizations, that foster the strength to create bold and transformational changes.

I am SO impressed with the HP instrument to stimulate powerful conversations! Simply opening up questions about a few dimensions on the instrument and inviting inquiry into the intersections revealed by it led to a GREAT conversation! I am really looking forward to future use with my clients.

If your heartfelt desire is to build a prosperous enterprise in Life, whatever is the form, you need to start with the true foundations of your home. The Human Potential Assessment Tool makes the invisible visible, through a clear, concrete and accessible framework for individuals and organizations.

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