A virtual house that encompasses all our training and certification courses and activities that are aimed at furthering HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION on all levels and in all environments.


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An institute for permanent education, growth and support for our certified coaches and consultants.

Welcome to the HUMAN POTENTIAL ACADEMY, where our clients, our trainers/facilitators and our coaches and consultants are at the same time learners AND key knowledge holders. We are here to support you in unlocking your full HUMAN POTENTIAL.

We listen to your needs and are constantly enhancing our tools, workshops and training courses, based on your input and experiences. We believe that in this interplay between all parties involved we can best serve you in bringing HUMAN POTENTIAL development further into the lives and workspaces of our audiences. For your convenience we have presented our HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION programmes in easy accessible streams: for individuals, teams, organizations.

For coaches and consultants who want to be certified in our HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment tools, workshops and trainings we offer an array of certification courses and are further expanding our train-the-trainer programmes to support you in your work.

Furthermore it is our aim to enable and support a thriving community platform where people with similar passions can come together to share and co-create best practices in their areas of interest and also contribute to and benefit from the ACADEMY in other ways.

This will be the oxygen for a living, breathing, thriving ACADEMY that constantly regenerates and renews itself and continues to find itself at the forefront of HUMAN POTENTIAL realization.

We invite you to check out our programmes for individualsteamsorganizations and societal groups, and our certification trainings for  coaches/consultants and look forward to inspire and support you.

Upcoming Events

  • 6-week online Human Potential Assessment Certification for Individuals – Jan 7th to Feb 11th, 2020

    Event Date & Time: 2020-01-07 | 15:30

    Are you passionate about coaching at a deep Human Potential level? We are too! And here’s how the Human Potential Certification Program can help you bring more depth and rigor into your coaching practice: The Human Potential Assessment Tool is positioned at the cross roads of modern management science and ancient wisdom traditions that recognize […]

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  • Full Potential Team Facilitation Training – Nov 18th to 22nd, 2019

    Event Date & Time: 2019-11-18 | 10:00

    BECOME A HUMAN POTENTIAL TEAM EXPERT AND FACILITATOR, AND HELP TEAMS WORK AND THRIVE FROM THEIR FULL POTENTIAL “Bringing a TEAM and its members to unfold their FULL POTENTIAL is a key success factor in any organization, small or big. It is also a challenge. How a team functions has a direct impact on individual […]

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  • Organizational Human Potential Certification Training – Nov 4th to 8th, 2019

    Event Date & Time: 2019-11-04 | 09:00

    Are you an external coach or consultant committed to human potential development within organizations? Or are you an internal coach / change agent championing a more conscious culture in your organization? Then why not join us in November for the next ORGANIZATIONAL Human Potential Training and help organizations unlock a new paradigm of value creation?

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The Human Potential Academy

The HUMAN POTENTIAL ACADEMY is an interactive environment for learning and development with its own online community of HUMAN POTENTIAL Coaches and Consultants.

It can be envisaged as a virtual house that encompasses all our training and certification courses and activities that are aimed at furthering HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION on all levels and in all environments.

It is an institute for permanent education, growth and support for our certified coaches and consultants (and other change agents who want to join our community), who live by/uphold being in service to individuals, organizations and the world at large.

It provides a platform for permanent education, cooperation and co-creating from BEING in a synergistic way.

Our Human Potential Certification Trainings



At the end of this 4-week online training you will be equipped to administer the tool, help your clients interpret the findings and translate them into a highly customized development plan. The course is designed for Human Potential work at an INDIVIDUAL (1 to 1) level. Learn more.



The FULL POTENTIAL TEAM FACILITATION TRAINING is designed to equip you as a facilitator with everything you need to support teams in unleashing their FULL Human Potential and to get you intimately connected to the framework of the 5 Team measures that enable teams to thrive in this process of growth and transformation. Learn more.



Human Potential Realization – the next OD (Organizational Development) breakthrough – a 5-day in person certification training. Our purpose is to empower and equip like-minded OD Professionals with the tools and know-how needed to MARKET, EXECUTE AND INTERPRET the ORGANIZATIONAL HUMAN POTENTIAL ASSESSMENT. Learn more.


Evolving and Elevating Leadership Consciousness

Evolving and Elevating Leadership Consciousness

Context The Consciousness which perceives the world is one with the Reality of the world. Consciousness and reality are one.[1] We construct our own reality - everything in our world is self created.[2] Timeless leaders free the confines of their consciousness and...

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Human Potential Realization starts at home

Human Potential Realization starts at home

My 13 year old daughter, Audrey, is the most social one in the family. She thrives whenever we have guests over and like all good hosts she will start with a tour around the house. Invariably the first room that gets proudly shown is her bedroom. It's well kept and...

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