When the BEING comes alive, the DOING thrives.

Every Human, BEING at Full Potential.


Who We Are

We are dedicated to a world where the HUMAN POTENTIAL of every individual and organization is fully realized.

BEING at Full Potential is dedicated to a world where the HUMAN POTENTIAL of every individual and organization is fully realized. 

We are a global assessment, training and coaching organization committed to unlocking HUMAN POTENTIAL by bringing the attention back to the essence of  WHO WE ARE and WHY WE ARE HERE.

From this state of BEING our clients easily see through the complexities and chaos of their worlds, enabling them to move forward in more meaningful ways, thereby unleashing breakthroughs.  

Our global community of 130+ trained and certified coaches and consultants help bring this vision to life.


A global community across 4 continents.

Across 4 continents we support individuals in their leadership by strengthening the BEING and equip leaders from the for-profit, not-for-profit, political, educational and other sectors in making HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION the centerpiece of transformation within their organizations and institutions.

To achieve this we invest heavily in research on human-centric innovations and collaborate with academia and industry to develop solutions that help individuals and organizations fully take advantage of their immense HUMAN POTENTIAL.

On a global level BEING at Full Potential promotes human potential realization through our HUMAN POTENTIAL ACADEMY and through our THOUGHT LEADING RESEARCH for the different sectors.

We are headquartered in Canada with branches in Europe and India. In order to better serve our customers we have forged numerous alliances at a regional/country level. We have established regional partnerships in South America, United Kingdom and New Zealand and are in the process of setting up new branches and alliances in other regions and countries.


BEING at Full Potential was founded in 2008 by Sujith Ravindran and Mark Vandeneijnde. Having both spent a decade in leadership positions within large multinationals, they were well aware of the challenges organizations were facing in harnessing the full HUMAN POTENTIAL of their workforce. With employee engagement at an all-time low, it was clear to them that a significant shift needed to take place in terms of how one looks at any organization’s most valuable resource – its PEOPLE. They noticed that the command and control paradigm – which had been so effective in driving productivity in the past – needed to be replaced with a more inspiring and allowing way of being with each other in organizations. This insight gave birth to BEING at Full Potential.

Our Mission

Our mission statements are based on our Full Potential Approach. We seek to practice what we teach, and though our practice is not always perfect, these and our Standards of Being guide us as we move forward.


We help each other shine by holding space for each other and the wider world to take self-leadership, create abundance, discover & live our individual and collective purpose, – and consequently – fully realize our Human Potential.



We relentlessly explore the edge of human awareness & organizational practices, pioneer new frameworks and approaches that enable the ‘being’, quantify the unquantifiable, bring this science into the mainstream and make it our new collective lived reality.



We champion the voice of a conscious generation bound together by a common passion, by daring to reimagine the ownership of social, community and organizational bodies, and pioneering inclusive, boundaryless ecosystems.


Standards of Being

Standards are Codes of Conduct [practices, rituals, principles, shared agreements]. They are the means to bring values to life

1. Allowing


We trust in the infinite resourcefulness of each person, and we accept others’ truth as perfect for them. We are not prone to control and engineer others, because we know that everyone is on a unique and perfect journey and each moment unfolds as it should. We are mindful not to resist when we are pulled towards something. Whenever the energy is heavy or not flowing, rather than push through, we pause to listen & seek guidance from the energy of the moment. We do not force a relationship because we invested so much into it in the past.

2. Mysticism


Like all islands connect to the same earth, we know that there is one humanness that binds all of us together. We recognize that there is an all-knowing, omnipresent Source that we all originate from. Through silence, re-centering and ongoing self-attunement we enter the state of grace and unite with Source. We bring sacredness into the mundane, be it in our thoughts, words, actions, other beings or things.

3. Non-attachment


We practice non-ownership of what we possess and we claim nothing through copyrights. We are ‘doers’ of wisdom that is known, and we see ourselves as conduits rather than as creators of what manifests through us. We are non-attached from our choices, individual preferences and the results of our actions. We are free from expectations of others and from others’ judgments of us and our efforts, because our intentions are pure, and our words & actions are always in service of a greater good.

4. Transcended Listening


Everyday we practice the act of being present to others, suspending our judgment and reactive thinking, and opening up our awareness to accept criticism or feedback with the intention of being with it even when it is far from our truth. Instead of being triggered, we let others’ input transform us into action and unforeseen breakthroughs (the 3rd way). We listen with kindness to the deeper and subtler levels of meaning and emotions within others.