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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Organizational Change Management: A Definitive Guide

According to the business dictionary, organizational change is "involving a modification in the way an organization is structured, managed, and directed. It refers to the efforts of an organization to alter conditions, procedures, and policies to achieve a different set of goals." Corporate organizations change one form or the other regularly to achieve better results. Whether it is strategic or operational, organizational change has a profound impact on the direction, composition, roles, and...

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Thought Leadership

Creating transformational spaces within the business context – 5 Lessons

More than ever the time is ripe to bring greater focus to the deeper human drivers of performance and create the conditions for the Human Spirit to come back alive in the work context. The Human Potential Assessment Tool and the accompanying Discovery workshops are proving to be very powerful enablers of organizational transformation. The following […]

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3 impactful ways to develop human potential for disruptive innovation

Most marketeers agree that a genuine insight into their customer can unlock disruptive innovation and infuse new life into their brands. It’s no surprise therefore that vast amounts of money are being spent to unveil these precious truths that have the ability to make your customer feel fully seen and understood, in ways that even […]

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  • Human Potential Certification Training for Leadership Development – November 2021

    Event Date & Time: 2021-11-16 | 08:00

    This certification program is for coaches, consultants or change agents looking for a proven innovative approach to unleash to full leadership potential of their clients. The purpose of this training is to empower and equip like-minded OD Professionals with the tools and know-how needed to market, execute and interpret the Professional Human Potential Assessment. At […]

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