From 5-8th of february I was in India joining the CIB conference. 150 people from all of the world were exchanging their experiences as change agents, listening to their inner voice and taking action in practical ways. There were great speakers from Africa, Great Britain, India, Sweden,etc.They shared stories of integrity, in saying no to corruption in industries, their willingness to change, and their trustworthiness. For example the leader of a large company in Kenya shared some of his lessons about what makes a sustainable organization.

  • We need planters, not harvesters.
  • We need patience for a long term vision.
  • There is enough place and ground for everyone Africa is the biggest part of the world.
  • We need to be proud again of Africa and how it can become the leader of new best practices across industries.

Beautiful truths were spoken by men who shared in their vulnerability. However, in this conference the voices of women were under represented. I found this intriguing and on the last day I felt called to speak out about what I had felt and observed about the need for more feminine leadership & wisdom.It was not my masculine part what needed attention, nor was it my feminine part that needed attention. It was a more profound truth wanting to come through me.

I did not feel nervous in front of so many people, even when I was told by the panel that I had only three minutes to speak. In that moment I spoke my truth for the greater good and I felt carried by the Universe.I did not know which words would come out beforehand. I was simply present in the moment and felt like an empty vessel, a bridge from Heaven to Earth.

I acknowledged everyone who contributed to the wonderful conference and simply shared my observation to see only men as speakers. It was not a judgment, simply an invitation to also acknowledge the deep wisdom of the feminine and the important contributions that we can make to these kinds of conversations. I felt an opportunity for everyone to shine.

After my talk I was still calm, I needed not any confirmation. It was as if Universe had used me as a bridge. I felt humbled to have had this opportunity to serve the greater good.