Our trainings & certification programs will enable you as a coach to support your clients in realizing their human potential, whether at an individual, team or organizational level.



How will you enter this global movement of human potential champions working towards the vision: “Every Human, Being at Full Potential”?

I work with leaders

6*2.5h session – online

Learn to administer the human potential assessment in the professional context, help your clients interpret the findings and translate them into a highly customized development plan. Although the course is designed for human potential work at an INDIVIDUAL (1 to 1) level you will also learn to use the frameworks to scale the conversation to an organizational level.

I work with organizations

2.5 days in person

This training builds on the “I work with leaders” program, giving you the tools to support organizations on their journey towards a conscious culture. You will learn to work with the deeper human change levers to enable performance breakthroughs in employee engagement, innovation, trustworthiness, and ultimately the multiple bottom lines.

I work with teams

5 days online or in person

The full potential team training equips you as a coach & facilitator to support teams in unleashing their FULL human potential in service of a common goal. You will learn how to combine powerful facilitation techniques with the human potential data to anchor the 5 essential team measures and use them to open up transformational conversations  and promote seamless collaborations.


Impact at individual level – an inspiring story by Marta Seweryn

My name is Marta Seweryn, I am working in the Marketing industry for more than 10 years and currently managing the European Events Team for an American based company, called National Instruments. I have just had my first professional coaching sessions with Agnes Vad and would like to share my personal experience from the meetings […]

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Impact at team level – the day our CTO faded away

A CTO is a Chief Technology Officer. In our case this was a young brilliant systems engineer in India named Nikhil. He single-handedly built the entire backend system that supports the infrastructure to administer and manage our Human Potential assessment products and services. He did this out of passion, mostly in the evenings and on […]

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Creating Conscious Culture – Part 1

Have you ever wondered…What makes a great organizational culture? How culture impacts and influences organizational performance? Why so many attempts to create great cultures fail? What we can do to approach culture change in a more sustainable way? Our partner in New Zealand, Peter Leong, has been passionately researching these questions over the last couple […]

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