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What do others say about me and my coaching?

I have been told by my clients and students, that my presence during their self work has been supportive, encouraging and transformative.

The following quote was posted on Linkedin,

“As a skilled facilitator and therapist, I find Chad’s therapeutic style to be extremely genuine

and in depth. He is able to take you to the source and core of what you really want, truly understanding you as a confidential guide. Chad has a very natural way of pulling the truth out of you even when you

don’t see it yourself, helping you reach your next level of growth.”

Who is my ideal client?

Communities/Society, Entrepreneurs, Government, Individuals, NGO, Organizations

What is my vision for my coaching practice?

The contribution that I make to the world is as an agent of change. I assist people in finding the spark that is alive inside them. Our work then is to consciously co-create a life that will allow for the full expression of their passion. Through self-discovery we create a better relationship with ourselves which organically extends to those around us. When we have a strong sense of purpose and connection, we can become leaders that inspire others to bring out what is alive in them. To allow that spark to become a fire that drives us.

Life experiences I bring to my coaching

I have lived an exciting life filled with growth opportunities. I thrived for ten years in the relentless grind that is the film industry; Working in an environment where people expect to have their needs understood and met before they even ask tuned my ability to listen, and be aware of the subtle cues in how and what we communicate. For the last five years, I have been teaching counselling and coaching at Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver Canada. My course was designed to develop a holistic approach to inquiry, understanding that our wellness is not determined by any single factor. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs must be explored to be fully present and thoughtfully responsive to the critical moments that shape our lives.

My Speciality

Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Organizational Coach, Relationship/Family coach, Entrepreneurship Coach, Spiritual Coach

Geographic scope of my practice


Anything else about Me

I have an insatiable curiosity, and when working with a client I focus this quality and truly listen to them. I listen to their words, what they say, and what they talk around. I listen for the subtle connections underneath and running through their lives. And I listen with my heart open to receive a deeper understanding of their needs and dreams. Once this information has been accurately communicated, held, and honoured we can develop an action plan that will allow for the full expression of their unique contribution to the world.

What inspires me most about the HP approach?

Many assessment tools attempt to label and define a person and I find this to be a limiting approach to self fulfillment. The Human potential model offers us an opportunity to explore what matters most to us and allows for deeper understanding of what truly motivates us. With this new clarity we can discover new and joyous ways to express who we are that expand the richness of our lives and better serve our organizations, communities, and families.

What unique talents and gifts do I bring to the community?

My perspective or perhaps my ability to see multiple perspectives simultaneously has been one of my greatest assets in life. Through this awareness I have lived a life of acceptance and non-attachment  except when I don’t.

What do I hope to get out of the community?

I have, for most of my life, kept myself on the outskirts of “community” and so I with this organization of heart centered agents of change, I hope to discover the welcoming safety and support that community promises. And I offer the same to you.  In doing so, I am excited to see the scope of the difference we can make together.

In what ways would I like to collaborate with other coaches in the community? (select all that apply)

Co-creating proposals, Building partnerships, Sharing knowledge, Practice coaching, Other