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What do others say about me and my coaching?

“Jahnavi is an amazing and value adding coach. She is always available to help and deliver value in complex situation. I have particularly benefited from her unusual listening traits and upbeat perspective to life and issues. Jahnavi has a peculiar quality of simplifying complexities into doable targets and actions. I will recommend Jahnavi to anyone particular women who desire to be more effective in their entrepreneurial journey. Thank you Jahnavi, I appreciate, celebrate and honor your time. ”

Ope’ Osiyemi, Lagos, Nigeria..People | Insurance | Sustainable Value

Who is my ideal client?

Changemakers/Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, For profit, Individuals, Organizations

What is my vision for my coaching practice?

My Vision is to be a catalyst in the transformation of corporate and business leaders, entrepreneurs, creating brand value to businesses across the world by creating “Mindful Leaders”

Life experiences I bring to my coaching

Jahnavi’s focus is to create an environment that dissolves the limitations of the past stories, assumptions and judgement to bring a shift in the client’s focus. Jahnavi has designed the mindfulness tool “Being vs. Doing” which she uses to facilitate her client’s expansion of mind, emotions and performance enhancing her coaching relationship from a place of mindfulness.

She provides an ongoing partnership designed to help her clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional life through a blend of the best concepts from leadership, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and spirituality. She has put in more than five hundred hours in both leadership training and coaching and has developed her expertise in providing her clients with the perfect combination to take their life and organization to the next level. ‘Mindful Leadership’ coaching is meaningful, inspiring, engaging and enjoyable. It is a real stand out empowering experience for the leaders Jahnavi works with.

Jahnavi is an ICF certified Mindful Leadership Coach and CEO, KEYKONNECCT a Mindful Leadership Training and Coaching Company in Bangalore. She has deep understanding, expertise and experience of fifteen plus years in training and coaching Senior & Middle Management, High Potential Executives, Coaches and Entrepreneurs pan India and abroad in IT, MNC Banks, Retail, FMCG, Entertainment, Electronics, Hospitality, Bio-Technology, Construction, Engineering, Consulting, Manufacturing, Energy & Public Sector Organizations.


Jahnavi’s Coaching Approach – Mindfulness Tool “Being vs. Doing”

Jahnavi has created her Coaching Power Tool “Being vs. Doing” which describes both the states of Being and Doing where Being is a state of total acceptance of everything about you, all the parts of you whether you like it or not, acknowledging yourself and your existence at a deeper level, being ready to see your fears, observing them closely, allowing them to be there, even seeing your resistance, observing it in the moment you are seeing. So it is with your other emotions like anger, jealousy, guilt, regret, resentment or sadness. It is accepting your feelings at a core level, not resisting them but acknowledging them and then choosing to let go of them.  Doing is a state of activity where you are more involved in tasks, reaching goals you have set and taking some strategic actions being in a state of flux. In this state you have agendas, plans to follow or bring these in alignment with your goals. Doing is a complementary to Being , it comes out of the state of Being and cannot sustain on its own. Doing becomes easy when we are in a state of Being, reflecting, seeing the blind spots, and experiencing a Paradigm Shift


Jahnavi’s Coaching Model -”FOCUS”

Jahnavi supports her clients when they experience resistance to taking actions to achieve their goals. She facilitates the process to do the inner work by dancing in the moment and letting the client lead and supports the client in finding their solutions for the challenges experienced on the way. The client decides what and how much inner work they want to do. Jahnavi holds the space and acknowledges the client’s needs and wins. The joy and the heightened sensations experienced is total awareness as the clients realize what being in the moment can do to them. The clients get a fresh perspective by being in the moment and savoring each moment. Understanding the inner work, and then taking it up is the next step in the “Being” state where there is acceptance of the reality from where action and results follow as a natural process. Mindfulness Coaching produces an improvement in three capacities that are keys for successful leadership: resilience, the capacity for collaboration, and the ability to lead in complex and disruptive conditions. It depends on the level of practice that the leader does. The more practice, the better. Leaders who practiced for at least 10 minutes every day progressed significantly more than others who did not.


As a Mindful Leadership Coach Jahnavi Katti helps people achieve the highest level of their fulfillment, happiness or success which is about getting a life, not just a career and make an impact as a human being. Even success can bring a lot of soul searching. It’s about setting priorities, troubleshooting situations, like helping a person handle personality and power clashes at work Jahnavi helps them discover their personal vision, purpose, and values in every aspect of their lives. She brings more freedom, creativity, self- acceptance, joy, prosperity and challenges facing many rapidly expanding and visionary organizations to ensure the operational effectiveness of executives in key jobs and to develop mindful leaders for the future. Jahnavi believes Coaching is all about the future – setting better goals, and reaching your goals faster, making better decisions, and improving your relationships …… discovering your hidden potential and achieving it – fast!!!

My Speciality

Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach, Spiritual Coach

Geographic scope of my practice


Anything else about Me

A Coaching Power Tool created by Jahnavi Katti

(Mindful Leadership Coaching, India)

Case Study

Ankit wanted to know how to be in the Being. He was struggling to manage events and situations happening around him in his life and was at a loss to know what he could do to prevent certain situations go out of hand. He was dispirited, complaining and blaming people in his life for the state of affairs in his life. He justified he had been doing all that was possible by him and much more but inspite of this fact he was not finding happiness. So he wanted to just be and stop doing.

The above case represents a typical way most people end up being in their lives, where they keep doing and doing for themselves and others and never find true happiness or meaning in their purpose .So they lead a dispirited, frustrated and meaningless life trying to blame others and thus giving away their power to others.

Being is a state of total acceptance of everything about you, all the parts of you whether you are liking it or not, acknowledging yourself and your existence at a deeper level, being ready to see your fears, observing them closely, allowing them to be there. So it is with other emotions like anger, jealousy, guilt, regret, resentment or sadness. It is accepting your feelings at a core level, not resisting them but acknowledging them and then choosing to let go of them.

Doing is a state of activity where you are more involved in reaching targets, goals you have set or want to set.In doing you are keeping yourself busy all the time not giving yourself the space to Be. You are always in a state of flux.There are always agendas to think about ,plans to follow or bring alignment with,goals to reach,so you always have a To Do list ready to dispose off.

When you are being not doing you are active still,there are thoughts in your head,you may be involved in an activity,keeping yourself busy but your mind is still,it is poised,centered and you are connected to your Being,that is you are connected to your inner self,you may call it soul,spirit or your higher mind.This state is a natural state where you can still be in the midst of activities but you are aware of your inner being,your thoughts and feelings and you are acknowledging them.So when you acknowledge you are in a state of acceptance .This state of self acceptance is the highest form of Self Awareness because you will be in alignment with what you truly want in life or who you truly are in life.Your true life purpose or your calling becomes very clear to you and then you begin to make conscious choices in life.

When you start living consciously you start being your true self.This inner connection,this alignment is very powerful and in this powerful space we Human Beings realize what life is all about.Whatever we think,whatever we believe or whatever we feel is what we truly are at that moment.In this space of truth we realize we are powerful to make choices,we accept everything about us,about others,everything about life and start living our true lives.We become aware, conscious about our choices and how everything in our life is a consequence of the choices we made in that moment.We stop resisting,all the resistance,the inner noise,the clutter,the clinging on to thoughts and feelings which we are holding on to for years comes to light and we realize we now have a power to choose,to keep them or let go of them.This gives us a great space of Being.We realize the big space around us and the power to choose what we want.So there is no more struggle.We are constantly taking actions which we choose and feel peaceful about our choices because we are conscious of Being ourselves.This brings a greater joy in Life.So Being easy,joyful, having possibilities.


Being is all about awareness of who you are in the given moment.It is a space of creativity where you can create what you want in fact co-create with God or the higher Self or Energy that you believe in.You are consciously living,which produces the higher energies to flow in you.Your body ,mind and spirit are getting aligned to your true self and your higher purpose in life.Actions just flow out of you in the right direction ,your choices bring Joy,Happiness,Peace and Unconditional Love for yourself in a pure non-judgmental state of Being.


Doing is the reflection of your being. It teaches you what is giving you pleasure what is giving you pain.It brings you closer to your life by producing your life experiences and keeps you busy in the business of life.Doing is a part of Being.You can get tired of of doing but can you get tired of being? When you are being yourself you are very close to nature,you love to spend your time mindfully,you are graceful,you love to be near nature and you attract natural surroundings like water,birds,trees and you attract environments that are conducive to your inner growth and your evolution as a Human Being. There is a purpose in your actions which is in alignment with your highest values,beliefs and your perspective in life is clear,your vision is in front of you and you know you are moving towards it taking the right direction.Peace descends on you.You are connected to the source from where you draw the energy to do what you want.Then you know what to do in the moment intuitively.Doing becomes very natural to you.You dont struggle any more.You attract all that you want just by being.

Doing takes a limited time limit and maybe stressful due to timelines whereas Being is expansive and opens up a whole lot of horizons,possibilities and it is very energizing and empowering.

The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu …….in Epigram 47 (55)

There is no need to run outside for better thing

Nor to peer from a window

Rather abide At the center of your Being

For the more you leave it the less you learn

Search your heart and see

What inspires me most about the HP approach?

In the HP approach I discovered the same approach I practice which is the incredible way of transforming your own inner state of mind and connecting with your heart to your purpose by practicing “Doing from Being”.I just want to share it with others so that they can do it, too.”


Mindful organizations represent workplaces which embrace mindfulness as a part of daily work life. Such a workplace is productive, resilient and has a happy workforce.

What unique talents and gifts do I bring to the community?

I ask Powerful Questions for shifting perspectives from Doing to Being which is a powerful tool. As a coach I am empowering by my presence and practice being mindful.I realize just by being present in the moment I can be an active listener and those moments of my powerful presence can create a great space for my clients to express and be their own natural selves, drop their fears and the connection between me and my client becomes strong and powerful.This is a space where there is no judgement and only a great space for Being where my client feels free to express his thoughts ,feelings,beliefs and gets her perspective clear and sees herself in a different light.She gets her answers ,sees her vision clearly,her goals and action plan emerge in her path.

If as a Coach I can be aligned to my true life purpose or calling and just be in that space of Being my client starts being her natural self and finds all that she is seeking out of this coaching conversation and be aligned to her true life purpose.

What do I hope to get out of the community?

As there are Coaches with immense backgrounds I expect to learn a lot,share my knowledge,partner and co-create coaching opportunities,think out of box and use this online platform for conducting webinars,leadership summits,retreats and workshops in India and globally and use it as a discussion forum and learning and coaching platform

In what ways would I like to collaborate with other coaches in the community? (select all that apply)

Co-creating proposals, Building partnerships, Sharing knowledge, Practice coaching, Writing articles, Organizing events