Mirjana Power

Phone Number

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What do others say about me and my coaching?

“What I feel is unique about you is that you can touch and feel one’s mind, heart and soul. Once you do that to someone you can tune his thoughts and feelings about himself and his environment. Your kind and compassionate approach allowed me to open up to one of the deepest healing experiences I have had, and to release long standing trauma and sadness. My life has been truly transformed through the sessions with you. I am a changed being on every level.”

Who is my ideal client?

Changemakers/Visionaries, Communities/Society, Education, Entrepreneurs, For profit, Government, Individuals, NGO, Organizations, Others

What is my vision for my coaching practice?

Transformation, self-reflection and insights occur when we feel safe in a nurturing environment, where we can be ourselves and where a safe space is created with compassion and an open heart. Offering my full presence to see, listen, hear and feel the clients and assisting them to opening up to infinite possibilities and living their full potential in all areas of their life.

Life experiences I bring to my coaching

One of the biggest experiences I bring to coaching is life itself and all the experiences that it’s brought and that I learned from and continue to learn from.
I have experience working with people from all kinds of backgrounds and age – from CEOs and business owners over lawyers, counsellors, teachers, artists to homeless people for example as well as adults, teenagers and children.
On a daily basis I have to coach my children, who are probably my most challenging “clients”. Besides that I speak 3 languages fluently, have lived on 3 different continents and in 7 different countries so far. I wrote my thesis for my MA in interpreting and translation on “intercultural communication”. I have 10 years of experience in the energy healing/therapist environment as well as a course facilitator for empowering people and assisting them to step into their own power and do their own self-healing. Learning different energy healing modalities added to my skill set. I have done various training programs for mindfulness, such as mindful parenting, mindful communication with children and mindfulness in schools. Level 1 of the one year long training program “Tamalpa life arts” (healing through the arts) was one of the deepest processes I dived into. This summer level 2 is following with the focus on embodied leadership.

My Speciality

Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Relationship/Family coach, Team Coach, Spiritual Coach

Geographic scope of my practice


Anything else about Me

Life offers infinite possibilities and my intention is to guide my clients to open up to that awareness and create the life that they want for themselves. I am an intuitive empath and believe in creating a safe space for people where they can drop their masks and fully be themselves. I feel that we all want to be heard, seen and felt. Clients and people in general easily and quickly open up to me. I love unlocking and opening the doors for people to have new and deep experiences, to reconnect with their own true source and self. The more I heal inside myself the more can I assist others to find their own answers inside. I love bringing out the sparkling eyes of a child in adults as it reconnects them to curiosity, creativity and play, which leads to a more harmonious, fulfilling and joyful life.

What inspires me most about the HP approach?

The “BEING” and assisting people in becoming aware of the difference between simply doing or that the doing comes through the being. The different dimensions that assist us in becoming more aware. The intention to bring a new (yet “ancient”) mindset back into the corporate world and with that the potential to create positive change. “Spiritual” tools and language adapted to be understood by people of all walks of life. The trust to let coaches grow the “being at full potential” with their own ideas and visions and allow it to evolve. The continuous growth and evolvement of the core of “being at full potential”

What unique talents and gifts do I bring to the community?

Passionate about my work
“I see you, I hear you, I feel you” on all multidimensional levels of everyone’s Being and existence.
A wise, knowledgeable and experienced woman
An inspiring visionary
A committed change maker
A rapid and energetic transformer
A playful and cheerful child at heart
A mindful presence, compassion and an open heart
A curiosity to learn and grow
A respect for all life
A believe in yin and yang and harmonious balance
An awareness that everything is and holds consciousness
The knowing and awareness that the heart connects heaven and earth
The courage to question the status quo and the old

What do I hope to get out of the community?

An environment for inspiration and sharing and an opportunity to grow and collaborate

In what ways would I like to collaborate with other coaches in the community? (select all that apply)

Co-creating proposals, Building partnerships, Sharing knowledge, Practice coaching, Writing articles, Organizing events, Other