Monica Dettori

Phone Number

+44 (0)78 99981679




London (UK) & Global (remote)


United Kingdom

What do others say about me and my coaching?

“A psychologically safe space.”

“I left the conversation with a greater sense of confidence and clarity.”

“A listener who’s there to help you move forward, opening doors to possibilities through new perspectives.”

Who is my ideal client?

Changemakers/Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Individuals, Organizations

What is my vision for my coaching practice?

I offer a holistic methodology that combines science-led tools, the human potential (HM) framework, tested coaching models and Eastern wisdom in a psychologically safe space where the client is encouraged to connect within, allowing the unseen to take shape, for answers to be unlocked.

I strive to add value, and I am committed to ensuring that the client leaves this dimension with a sense of self-empowerment, having identified practical and new ways to move forward with more clarity and a renewed focus on the path ahead.

Life experiences I bring to my coaching

I lead on holistic organisational development practices and human centric approaches that elevate engagement and performance, sustaining long term growth.I hold demonstrated expertise in people operations and depth and breadth of experience generating value-added initiatives in the UK Market and Internationally, working in environments experiencing accelerated growth and change.

My Speciality

Leadership Coach, Organizational Coach, Team Coach

Geographic scope of my practice


Anything else about Me

As Coach, I am passionate about regenerative leadership approaches that produce positive change at individual, organisational and societal level, enabling individuals, teams and leaders to “turn the noise off”, to re-connect within and with the Natural World, encouraging exploration through deeper listening, reflective collaboration and inquiry.

What inspires me most about the HP approach?

The Human Potential (HP) Model is a “whole person” holistic framework that enables individuals, teams and leaders to move towards growth, and higher levels of collective and positive action, as it unlocks clarity in direction, shared-vision and shared-purpose, yielding greater value creation.

It offers a validated roadmap to navigate the change journey from a human-centric lens, in which a deeper level of listening, facilitation and collaborative enquiry sustain transformation and shifts in consciousness that allow inner layers of dormant potential to come to light, connecting with the change journey from a space of meaning and purpose.

What unique talents and gifts do I bring to the community?

A genuine passion and expertise in designing, implementing and measuring human centric interventions and systems that unlock organisational potential, supporting and facilitating collaborative dialogue for leaders to create positive sustainable change built around trust and a shared-vision, and fuelled by purpose.

What do I hope to get out of the community?

To amplify the Community’s Mission by bring about positive change at individual, organisational and societal level.

In what ways would I like to collaborate with other coaches in the community? (select all that apply)

Co-creating proposals, Building partnerships, Sharing knowledge, Writing articles, Organizing events