Monica Dettori

Phone Number

+44 (0)78 99981679




London (UK) & Global (remote)


United Kingdom

What do others say about me and my coaching?

“A psychologically safe coaching space.”

“I left the conversation with a greater sense of confidence and clarity.”

“A listener who’s there to help you move forward, opening doors to possibilities through new perspectives.”


Who is my ideal client?

Entrepreneurs, Individuals, Organizations

What is my vision for my coaching practice?

I offer a holistic methodology that combines science-led tools, the human potential (HM) framework, tested coaching models and Eastern wisdom in a psychologically safe space where the client is encouraged to open up to the new, to rewrite their internal narrative, re-connecting within through self-discovery and deeper reflection,  navigating their journey at ease, in their own time, for new insight to emerge, transformation to happen and to be sustained.

I strive to add value, and I am committed to ensuring that the client leaves this dimension with a sense of self-empowerment, having identified practical and new ways to move forward with more clarity and a renewed focus on the path ahead, as their inherent human potential finds its expression.

Life experiences I bring to my coaching

I hold true to my purpose, supporting and leading at the front.

Eco-systems that have at heart the wellbeing and growth of their people, create sustainable cultures that ignite collective action and propel the organisation towards greater levels of performance.

With over a decade of experience in the people profession, I have developed in-depth expertise and know-how in devising, implementing, leading on and measuring the impact of people-centric interventions that have improved the employee’s experience and strengthened the internal Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

I create and sustain human-centric people solutions that are fit-for-purpose, directing actions on continuous improvement & innovation. I enable the organisation to elevate engagement and performance in synergy with the company’s trajectory of growth.

I embody a growth mindset that drives forward value-added interventions and translates into measurable contribution to the people I work with, supporting sustainable transformation at scale.

I foster Human Experience by Design.

My Speciality

Leadership Coach, Organizational Coach, Team Coach

Geographic scope of my practice


Anything else about Me

I am passionate about regenerative approaches that create ripples of positive change at individual, organisational and societal level.

As certified Mindfulness and Wellness Coach. I help build sustainable wellbeing practices, and I embody them in my living philosophy and deep connection with Nature.

What inspires me most about the HP approach?

The Human Potential (HP) Model is a holistic coaching framework for the organisation, and the people within it, to move towards higher levels of collective consciousness or self-awareness that connects with clarity in direction, shared-vision and shared-purpose, yielding higher shared-value creation.

It offers a roadmap for teams and leaders to navigate change, and to nurture a thriving ecosystem in which human potential can be measured in the extent by which the six dimensions of engagement, trust, customer orientation, self-leadership or self-awareness, innovation and accountability (getting things done) find their expression through the Human Potential (HP) Assessment Tool.

These six layers (OPMs) are the visible forces shaping the direction of the organisation.

It is the doorway to self-discovery. A deeper level of inner-listening emerges from the exploration of the Human Potential House that ties to the Human Potential (HP) Assessment’s results.

At its core, sustainable transformation can be achieved, and it is a journey through which inner motivators and dormant layers of potential (invisible) come to light. Individual purpose synchronises with the company’s vision and the strategic direction of the organisation, enabling the shift towards long term sustainable growth.

What unique talents and gifts do I bring to the community?

I combine a genuine passion for human centric people practices that draw on Agile & Design Thinking methodologies, best-practice and science-led tools applied to leadership, change and learning with holistic wellness approaches, including mindfulness practice.

What do I hope to get out of the community?

Delivering the common goal to help individuals, teams and leaders create sustainable transformation within the ecosystem, and in turn with their customer base, the communities they serve and the World at large.

In what ways would I like to collaborate with other coaches in the community? (select all that apply)

Co-creating proposals, Building partnerships, Sharing knowledge, Writing articles, Organizing events