Nadene Canning

Phone Number

+41 78 661 87 55




Geneva / Lausanne



What do others say about me and my coaching?

“The 1st time I met Nadene, she coached me through a difficult change process, I was truly impressed with all of the issues we were able to work through and left feeling confident and empowered to move forward. What an eye-opener and a real pleasure!” AM

Who is my ideal client?

Changemakers/Visionaries, Education, Entrepreneurs, For profit, Individuals, Organizations

What is my vision for my coaching practice?

I never considered myself a “coach” until my consulting clients started asking me for my advice. I’m not a big believer in giving advice, my approach was to start a meaningful conversation with them around the issues that matter most to them. Through a guided discussion we are able to open possibilities that have yet to be considered. Facilitating Potential and Inspired Action is my modus vivendi

Life experiences I bring to my coaching

I bring business acumen as a profit and non profit business founder, a managing director of an international sme and project management for an international environmental development ngo. 15 years ago I created a facilitation and organizational development consultancy ALLSystemgGO! to work around change, strategy, mindset and leadership.

In life, as a partner, mother, sister, friend and mentor.
In addition to the Being at Full Potential assessment I am trained in the Frameworks for Change Coaching process with Innerlinks from Findhorn to help people gain key insights around the impact behavior has on our intentions.

In academia as a professor of leadership, change and sustainability – I teach millennials, this challenges me to keep a fresh, engaged perspective of our common future.

My Speciality

Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Organizational Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach, Team Coach

Geographic scope of my practice


Anything else about Me

I’m a fervent adept of Twitter, it’s one of my favorite learning tools.
The majority of my work is with groups and teams as a facilitator and organizational development consultant. I see HP as being a wonderful compliment to these activities.

What inspires me most about the HP approach?

The HP approach allows each of us to reflect on our potential and in so doing, clarify the areas that we want to develop further in order to more fully express our unique purpose.

What unique talents and gifts do I bring to the community?

“clairvoyant dot connector” is the way one of my clients put it, with a dose of loving kindness, and an ability to see the multiple facets of a situation and identify opportunity

What do I hope to get out of the community?

A tribe that functions like a community of practice, which develops and supports each other

In what ways would I like to collaborate with other coaches in the community? (select all that apply)

Co-creating proposals, Sharing knowledge, Organizing events