Like all islands connect to the same earth, we know that there is one humanness that binds all of us together.


A movement around the world.

BEING at Full Potential is dedicated to a world where the HUMAN POTENTIAL of every individual and organization is fully realized. We are a global assessment, training and coaching organization committed to unlocking HUMAN POTENTIAL by bringing the attention back to the essence of WHO WE ARE and WHY WE ARE HERE. From this state of BEING our clients easily see through the complexities and chaos of their worlds, enabling them to move forward in more meaningful ways, thereby unleashing breakthroughs. Our global community of 130+ trained and certified coaches and consultants help bring this vision to life.

Across 4 continents we support individuals in their leadership by strengthening the BEING and equip leaders from the for-profit, not-for-profit, political, educational and other sectors in making HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION the centerpiece of transformation within their organizations and institutions.

To achieve this we invest heavily in research on human-centric innovations and collaborate with academia and industry to develop solutions that help individuals and organizations fully take advantage of their immense HUMAN POTENTIAL.

On a global level BEING at Full Potential promotes human potential realization through our HUMAN POTENTIAL ACADEMY and through our THOUGHT LEADING RESEARCH for the different sectors.


Andrew Thornton

United Kingdom

I believe that businesses that are run with a Heart deliver better results for all the stakeholders – its a happier, better place to work for employees, customers and communities… Read more…

Ann Dinan


Others say that my skills coupled with my intuitive abilities allow us to take our coaching to amazing places, not previously imagined, for growth!Read more…

Annelieke Verkerk


Annelieke has a keen eye for human potential and the potential of organisations. She has the gift of touching the essential through deep and intelligent listening… Read more…

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