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HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment case study
Context: A fast-growing European travel agency feels out of touch with its roots, yet does not identify itself with a large process-based organization. This creates a confusion within the organization.

Contribution: Run an assessment to identify the disconnect between the expectations of the management and the staff. Identified factors that were impeding the full utilization of human potential within the organization. Supported the management see the ‘right’ approach to engage the organization in raising human potential.

Result: The assessment offered the management a concrete understanding of the levers to pull in order to further unlock and utilize their human potential. The assessment created an objective basis for all their past findings of the issues ailing the organization

BEING Team case study
Context: The team feels they are working on too many small things. There is not enough awareness & focus on the highest impact areas. There is a sense of untapped potential (ie: they can do more to step up the value they bring to their clients)

Our contribution: Facilitated 1-1 coaching sessions with the organizational leader to uncover the key learnings from the past, core strengths of the team and most important priorities moving forward. Distilled these insights into 5 key priorities for the future (5 “big rocks”). Deployed the new strategies and empowered the team to bring them to life and take ownership. On-going coaching support to help adopt new mindset / behaviors and integrate into their day to day

The result: The clear direction and sense of ownership has created new energy and the belief that they can achieve great things. All team members have a clear action plan & understand how their work directly contributes to the overall priorities of the organization.

BEING Team case study
Context: Passionate Brand team, strong personalities with diverging opinions on what is right for the business leading to frequent conflict & disagreements. The team leader recognized the need to unite and find common purpose to rally behind

Our contribution: Created the space for the team to connect in a more meaningful way, giving them the opportunity to express what they are grateful for and what they admire in each other. Through this process (of focusing on what is working) they quickly realized how special the team is and opened themselves up to appreciate each other in new ways. From this place, I facilitated a visualization exercise to connect them with the “potential” of the Brand and experience the future success they could achieve together. By focusing on the positive energy of the Brand’s potential the team gained new insights on how to move forward and leverage each other in the most productive ways.

The result: Through regular follow up coaching sessions the team was able to maintain the energy and is now on track to building one of the most exciting Brand positioning / team culture in the category

BEING Leader case study
Context: Client has desire to lead from a deeper, more meaningful place. Senses there is more inspiration he can bring to the organization to have broader impact on society. Does not know how to tap into this potential / feels “powerless”

Our contribution: Helped gain deep awareness about his core values, unique gifts and life purpose. Helped see to what extent they are present in his life today and how they can become the catalyst to drive more meaning into the organization. Identified very tangible opportunities to bring more of his values into work. Revealed the limiting beliefs preventing him from fully realizing his leadership potential and gave him the power to create new beliefs that will better serve him in the future. Acknowledged and celebrated his personal breakthroughs

The result: New found passion and energy for his work (re-discovered his personal power). A strong belief in his ability to lead & inspire the organization behind a more meaningful purpose (one that is well aligned with his personal life vision). A clear action plan on how to bring about this transformation